About me

My name is Iulian, and if you had red some of the articles that I posted on this blog, you got the chance to know me a little better. I want to do this ''About me" section short and informal, this way you will see me in a different light, one that is a little different from that of the author. As you may had noticed, I'm a law school student from south-east Romania that writes primarily on subjects related to sociology, ethics and cultural studies. Why am I writing about such things? Well...the answer is not really that difficult; I'm just fascinated about the way people work and about the way in which we create our social reality through human interaction. After you study sociology, ethics and cultural anthropology for a long time, you tend to see the world differently, it starts to make more sense, there are no longer so many blank spots. I hope that through the articles that I post I'll manage to present you the world on a different note...one which may seem more surprising then you think. Aside from all of this, I can tell about myself that I'm a very friendly and open minded person; I'm quite intolerant to people that are insincere and favor discrimination and social inequalities. I also think that the only way in which a person can truly evolve is education, both in a formal and informal way, thing which is quite ignored by many nowadays.

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